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Anandansa® Further Education

fortbildung 26. & 27. oktober 2019

Yoga and dance are the perfect symbiosis


in English with the possibility of explanation in German :-)

26th and 27th of October 2019

10 - 13h and 14 - 17h


Early Bird: 200€ till 1.07.2019

After that 249€


SAMSARA, Jakobstr. 7, Nürnberg


Anandansa® - the Illuminating Dance of Yoga

Yoga and dance are the perfect symbiosis. Yoga „lights up“ the body from within, dance shares this inner light with the world. Together they complete each other.

The Anandansa® method connects western dance with eastern methods - yoga, Thai-Chi, Thai massage. It also incorporates the modern biomechanics of Spiral Dynamics®, fascial research and contemporary yoga alignment. It offers the opportunity to investigate ones own sense of organic movement and self-expression. Through more and less guided exercises participants are brought in touch with their creative and intuitive personality. This satisfaction of being fully aware of our creative life force is the ground of true happiness and is referred to in Sanskrit as „ananda“. Hence the name of this method: Anandansa®.



Anandansa® Further Education with founder Jack Waldas


„Yoga illuminates the body from within. Dance shines that light out into the World. Together they complete each other.“

If you are a teacher or serious student of yoga and/or dance and wish to empower others in there artistic and human evolution, then this education is for you.

Anandansa® is a teaching method that unites physical expression and spiritual consciousness, dance and yoga. In yoga we are moving energy within our bodies to awaken an extraordinary awareness. In dance (as a performing art) we are projecting our energetic self outwards to give others an extraordinary experience. Anandansa is a teaching method that playfully combines these internal and external orientations to enrich the students experience of his art-from and of his life.

Anandansa is the result of a long and continuous research, investigating questions like: How can „technical“ movement become „natural“? How can I keep my training or practice „juicy“? How does my inner state affect my outer performance (and my outer choices my inner state)? Why do I have this injury (again)? What are my greatest gifts and how can I express them?

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Jack Waldas

Life is a dance, a play with all the things we can and cannot influence, with all our plans and all the surprises that come our way. The joy of life comes not through a life according to plan, but from connecting with the life force behind all things, all comings and goings. This is „anananda“, the deep satisfying happiness of being one with life.

In my work, I want to support my students in finding that powerful connection. My approach grows out of my experience as a dancer and yoga enthusiast. Over 20 some years as a professional dancer I tested the effects of yoga on my own body and emotional self. Yoga served me as a warm-up and tool of focus for the daily training and rehearsals, it helped my muscles recover from the strenuous schedule and it supported the healing process in the face of injury. Most of all it helped me find my sense of play, that infinite source of creativity that is more or less conscious in us all. 

This experience of yoga in action lay the foundation for Anandansa® - my own playful fusion of yoga and dance, of meditative mind-set and spacious movement. At the end of my active dance career I devoted my life to furthering my knowledge of yoga, body work and health-oriented movement. I completed educations in Prana Flow® yoga, Anusara® yoga, Spiral Dynamic® body mechanics, as well as studying yoga therapy, Thai massage and Tai Chi. 

Since 2010 I have been teaching my favorite way to move and be - Andandansa® internationally. Another passion of mine is teaching how to teach. Since 2014 I have been educating future yoga teachers in the AirYoga and Spanda programs. Munich, Germany is my home base where I teach on-going classes and live with my wife and two daughters. 







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